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About Julia O'Hara

Montessori Parenting Coach

I started The Peaceful Family in order to guide parents to the family life they have always envisioned.  Using Montessori theory, I assist new parents as they create the social and physical home environment that best meets the needs of their young children, allowing them to grow into happy, confident, and independent people.  

After working in the prepared environment with young children for over 10 years, I felt called to work with parents and bring to them the guidance set forth by Maria Montessori.  Through introspection and guided support, you can take the steps to be the best parent you can be and have the family life you want.


Why Montessori Coaching?


Your child's confidence allows them to approach new situations positively.

Grace and Courtesy

Giving your child the tools to positively communicate with their community.


The love you offer your child will be reflected in their relationships outside of the family.


From the moment your child is born, they begin their path to independence.  Supporting this path in a thoughtful manner allows the child to reach their full potential.

Love of Learning

Opening your child's mind to the wonder and joy of new concepts.

Citizen of the World

Your child is boundless in their ability to love and respect all the world.

The Prepared Adult

"The first step in the integral resolution of the problem of education must not, therefore, be taken towards the child, but toward the adult educator: he must clarify his understanding and divest himself of many preconceptions; finally, he must change his moral attitudes."

- Maria Montessori



Your Peaceful Family starts here.

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